Patio Design Spring 2013 Promotion

Our Spring Patio Design Landscaping Promotion features free 2″ caliper Ornamental Trees with any new patio landscape design project signed before June 1.  Our services include Patio Design, Planting, Hardscape, Lighting and Fencing.  We have been proudly serving Westfield, Watchung, Warren, Fanwood and Scotch Plains NJ since 1962.  Call us today at Call us at 908-756-1967 for a free quotation.

Martoccia Patio landscaping Spring PromotionCall us at 908-756-1967

Hardscape elements like patios, walls and walkways are the bones of a well-designed landscape. Some hardscape elements are functional, like a front walkway. Others are purely ornamental, like a low garden wall. Both can add beauty and interest in the garden. We specialize in complete outdoor patio construction, patio design and patio landscaping including:

  • brick patios, concrete patios, slate patios, stamped concrete patios, patio brick pavers, stone patios, staining concrete patios, flagstone patios, cement patios

Our patio design team are experts in how to build a patio including:

  • patio decor, patio plants selection, patio flooring, patio landscaping, concrete patio design, selecting patio materials, ideas for patios and more.

Our service area includes towns around Warren NJ, Watchung NJ, Westfield NJ, Scotch Plains NJ, Fanwood NJ.